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Memoirs of Life cossack Timofei Jaschik. Beside the Empress.
BESIDE THE EMPRESS. MEMOIRS OF A LIFE-COSSACK. Published by "Dagmaria" society.

Memoirs of Kuban cossack Timofei Ksenofontovich Jaschik (1878-1946) are published in Russian for the first time. Empress Maria Feodorovna life- cossack has followed members of the imperial family in emigration and continued to serve empress until the last days to her life.

After Maria Fedorovna's death he remained in Denmark, got married with a Danish lady, whom he later dictated the memoirs.

In Denmark the book of memoirs of the Russian cossack was published in 1965.
It represents the artless story about cossacks childhood, hard long-term military service on protection of Russian boundaries, as well as narrates about drama events of the Russian history in the beginning of the 20'th century: three revolutions, the Russian-Japanese war, first world war, fratricidal civil war and mass emigration of the nobility.

It is important, that T.K.Jaschik was not simply an eyewitness, but also the direct participant of these events. For example, he helped family of Great Princess Olga Aleksandrovna to escape from Russia flaring by revolutionary fire. The author's text is supplemented with documentary appendices and photos, scientifically-reference materials.

The memoirs of Timofei Jaschik has been presented on September, 24th, 2004 in Gatchina palace and on September, 25th, 2004 in Anichkov palace in St.Petersburg.

Translation from Danish: Demidova I.N.
Proofreading and comments: Potolov S.I.
Published: 2004
Pages: 252
Publisher: Nestor - Istoria
Language: Russian
ISBN 5-98187-042-7
Dalslandsgade 12, 6 th, Copenhagen, Denmark dagmaria@dagmaria.dk