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Empress Maria Feodorovna favorite residences in Russia and Denmark

When the Court jeweler Carl Faberge created his next masterpiece in 1890, the Easter egg, he drew on important events from Maria Feodorovna's life, and in doing so he presented her destiny in an unusually artistic way. In essence, the egg presents the story of her life in both Russia and Denmark.     
The "surprise" hidden in this Faberge egg, which depicts Maria Feodorovna's favorite residences, could be thought of as a guide to this book.  In tracing the progression of paintings on this delicate screen one, can examine the places that were especially dear to the Danish Princess who became a Russian Empress. There are the Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen, the summer residences at Bernstorf and Fredensborg, the small "Keizervilla" near Fredensborg, and Villa Hvidoere in Denmark. Her life in Russia is represented by the Anichkov Palace in Petersburg, Gatchina Palace, and the Cottage at Peterhof.

Some photographs were given to authors by American historian of Romanov' Dynasty   Stephen de Angelis and Director of Slavic and Baltic Division of New York Public Library Edward Kasinec.

Author(s): Korneva G.N., Cheboksarova T.N.
Published: 2006, 2010
Pages: 216
Publisher: Liki Rossii
Language: Russian, English, Danish
ISBN (2006) 5-87417-230-0
ISBN (2010) 978-5-87417-329-6
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