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The Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna

A memory church service in honor of Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna (daughter of Emperor Alexander III and Maria Feodorovna) was held on the 24th of November 2010. The service took place in the Russian Orthodox church of Saint Alexander Nevskij in the city of Copenhagen, capital of Kingdom of Denmark.

This church has been constructed in 1883 by Her parents. Olga Alexandrovna went to this church in the childhood in the pre-revolutionary period while visiting the Danish family, and since 1920 till 1948 Alexander Nevskij Church became Her native church, in which she experienced both joyful and sad events in Her family life and in the life of the Russian emigrants who shared heavy fate of exiles from the darling to their hearts Russia.
Details of Olga Aleksandrovnà's uneasy destiny and Her quiet death in 1960 are well known to the once, who are interested in Her life, since many books were recently published. Publications are made both in Russia, Europe and America.

Hundreds of thousand people have got acquainted with Her amazing paintings in the whole world - the fund in honor of Grand Duchess Olga Aleksandrovna repeatedly organizes exhibitions of Her pictures, miraculously preserved during dozens of years...

Being inspired by works of Grand Duchess one understands what a light and clean soul this woman had.
And how much troubles and grief she has gone through...

Being the favorite daughter of Emperor Alexander of the Third, She had to go through loss of the beloved father (1894), later, having married, She had to go through bitterness of a deceit and disappointment. And later falling in true love, She had to wait many years for the imperial permission to divorce and then marriage with Nikolay Kulikovsky.

And finally, the happy hour of wedding in Kiev. Nevertheless, the hard destiny was waiting Olga Alexandrovna - revolution and Grand Duchess with Her mother Empress Maria Feodorovna, family of Her sister Xenia Aleksandrovna and other members of the Family have been banished to Crimea and being held under arrest in one of Romanov's former manors Ay-Todor.

During this hard period there was a long-awaited joyful event - birth of Tihon Nikolaevich - the first son of the happy family.
From the Kuban diary of Grand Duchess Olga Aleksandrovna (August, 1917 - November, 1919) "Tihon was born on August, 12th, 1917 at 22.15 in Ay-Todor "above the cellar". He was 8 pounds, with length - 52 cm... " (from Timofei Jaschik book "Beside the Empress"). Birth of Tihon as a sun's light warmed up the sad and dangerous life under arrest while waiting the worst.

From Olga Aleksandrovna's diaries, where each line is shining with love and happiness - little Tihon was a great consolation for Mama, Papa and Grandmother. "The first tooth came on the 28th of March, the second showed up in 10 days. At the age of 1 year and 2 months he had 8 teeth. He likes to eat - climbs in the cupboard to look for bread. His favorite is rice dense broth and mashed potatoes with carrots. I fed him almost one year.
Tihon surprised us with the request to be lifted up to two icons hanging nearby of our bed, and very seriously kissed them. From that day he almost routinely requires to kiss them..."

Reading lines from Olga Alexandrovna diary one may forget together with Her about difficulties and dangers surrounding them every minute... Restrictions in moving, searches, control of mail, threat, the insult from new Soviet authority, security guards, accompanied by disturbing uncertainty about Emperor Nikolay II Family, brother Michael Aleksandrovich, finally, uncertainty in tomorrow...
And suddenly news, unexpected situation change...

Nikolay Kulikovskiy family was granted permission to leave Crimea and to lodge in Russia at own discretion... They made a decision to leave Crimea and loyal life-cossack Timofei Jaschik suggested to accompany Olga Aleksandrovna with the family to village Novominskaya in Kuban, which was his native village, hoping on support and help of his wife, children and relatives to adapt in the new unfamiliar conditions.

"On January the 1st 1919 (old style) daddy, Mama, Tihon, Emily Iv., Xenia Mozhaev, "Lok", "Khlojka" and Timofei Jaschik sailed from Yalta in the afternoon at about 16.00 hours on steamship "Konstantin". There were 2,5 times more people than seats. They slept everywhere, even on a gangway! We had a good cabin with a wide cot...
Next morning an old man has asked for permission to wash - and very carefully did so, and then he has greeted Tishenka by the hand and has left!
Milk has turned sour by the evening of the second day, and we fed Tihon with the tinned milk. In the night from the 2nd to the 3rd of January the steamship stood at the entrance to Kerch in a fog. Weather was very silent.

In the evening of the next day we have entered Novorossisk... We went to the train station... We have been placed to the governor's car. It was terrible convenient and pleasant. Kutepov has come to talk, and then we have laid down to sleep.
Our baggage car, which has been attached to ours, has derailed and galloped on the ties. I was awfully frightened, as neither brakes, nor cords to stop the train were available! Some time has passed before train finally stopped - everyone leaned out of the windows and shouted, until the message reached the locomotive driver - through 24 cars.

Finally we arrived at Novominskaya...
We have moved to a new apartment on March, the 12th to cossack Ljubarets. The dirt in streets was sticky and deep, and we went on "linejka" (type of a carriage), having picked up legs. Everyone liked the new apartment, everything was arranged very cozy. We started arranging a kitchen garden with what Tihon wished to help very much...

Easter that year was on the 8th of April... On April, the 10th in the morning I drew from a window cossacks with families visiting each other. Cherry trees blossomed. In the afternoon we walked with Tihon in a garden by a small river...
At 10 o'clock in the evening a little Tihon's brother - Gury was born.
Next morning when Tishka has come running to look, that Daddy and Mum do, he has seen the tiny brother and laughed very much and was happy... "

It is painful to read these lines... And it was the beginning of a difficult way. Soon the Family leaves the village because of the approaching danger. The Soviet authority, having killed Sovereign Nikolay II and All Family, Brother Michael Aleksandrovich, having learned on Olga Aleksandrovna's whereabouts hastened to eliminate the last Romanovs.

By this time Empress Maria Feodorovna with Daughter Xenia and Her Family miraculously managed to leave Crimea and went to Denmark. And again the loyal cossack T. Jaschik hastens to help Grand Duchess and Her family. Under the order of Empress, overcoming dangers, he rushes from Denmark to Soviet Russia to help the family escaping to Denmark...
Olga Alexandrovna with family
The favorite daughter of Alexander III
In the memoirs Timofei Jaschik has described all what the small group went through on the way, nevertheless by 1920 Olga Aleksandrovna with husband and children have arrived to peaceful and quiet Denmark - the silent harbor of their life.

At the beginning Empress has surrounded with care children and grandsons, but Her own status in Denmark was not that high during this period and She also had to undergo both disorder and financial problems.
By this time Empress Maria Feodorovna with Daughter Xenia and Her Family miraculously managed to leave Crimea and went to Denmark. And again the loyal cossack T. Jaschik hastens to help Grand Duchess and Her family. Under the order of Empress, overcoming dangers, he rushes from Denmark to Soviet Russia to help the family escaping to Denmark...

In a short time Olga Aleksandrovna's family has bought a house with ground in suburb of Copenhagen in Ballerup and have moved there.

Olga Aleksandrovna painted many pictures and water colors during this period, which Danes bought for own houses, and, thus, Family received modest addition to the budget...

It is worth doing to visit museum of Grand Duchess Olga Aleksandrovna in Ballerup, where personal belongings of Olga Alexandrovna are collected and kept with great love. One can admire Her numerous water colors, from which not only picturesque landscapes of Russia, Denmark, Canada can be seen, but also dear to Her heart people accompanying Her during Her amazing life...
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