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The faithful

Moscow based publishing house "Russky Khronograf" has published second, expanded and amplified edition of Olga Chernova book "The faithful" (first edition published by publishing house "Satis" in 2007)

The new book continues the theme of spiritual feat and sacrificial love shown by Russian people belonging to very different social groups and estates (courtiers, teachers, servants, military men), who voluntarily shared with The Royal Martyrs Their tragic destiny.
Some of them were tortured to death by Bolsheviks and have recently been cononized. The others, endured arrest and the hardships of exile, continued serving Their memory to the end of the life.

All of them who died and survived in the horrible, agitated Russia, which forgot God, were ready to a feat, the highest feat on the Earth - sacrifice own life for the others, - die for the Saint Royal Family and Tsar Martyr.

The reader will discover not only forgotten names and destinies. The heroes of this book remind our modern, pragmatic world about Faith and Loyalty, Love and Truth.

Author(s): Olga Chernova
Published: 2010
Pages: 576
Publisher: Russky Khronograf
Language: Russian
ISBN: 5-85134-123-8
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