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Three white bears fairytale

Grand Duchess Olga Aleksandrovna recalled her childhood with great pleasure.

She had developed especially confidential relations with her father - Emperor Alexander III, for whom family and marriage were sacred and indestructible, and children were considered as God's blessing.

Children's rooms of Grand Duchess were nearby from her father's study, and for her - still a little child - the most important event of day was visit of the study after breakfast. Having climbed under the desk, she quietly sat there with the big sheep-dog with nickname "Kamchatka" while her parents were finishing breakfast.

Despite of being incredibly busy, Emperor spent half an hour every morning with his favorite child. In the evening he always came to children's rooms to wish children good night and bless them tired and dozing, and then - to not frighten off their dreams - on tiptoe left the rooms.
Grand Duchess always kept in her soul warm memoirs on the childhood.

Being mother, she together with her beloved husband Nikolay Aleksandrovich Kulikovskiy, has surrounded sons Tikhon and Guriy with warmth and cosines of home life.

Observing the children games and participating in them, Olga Aleksandrovna has got an idea to reflect charm of the childhood in the water colors. Thus she illustrated fairytale "The three white bears".

Original text: Otto Schrayh
Translation to Russian: Olga Zorina
Published: 2008
Pages: 46
Publisher: Sretensky Monastery publishing house
Language: Danish, Russian
ISBN: 978-5-7533-0253-3

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