Welcome to the site of ”Dagmaria” Cultural-Historical Society named after
Her Imperial Majesty Tsarina of All Russia Maria Feodorovna
Saint Mother-of-God,
pray save us!
Our Lady of Jerusalem
Dalslandsgade 12, 6 th, Copenhagen, Denmark dagmaria@dagmaria.dk
Current projects: 

  • Work on the territory of "Assistens" cemetery in Copenhagen. Cleaning the graves, putting on flowers on the days of memory.
  • Extension of work on restoration of the destroyed tombs of emigrants from so-called "The Small Court of Empress Maria Feodorovna".
  • Work in archives on gathering materials about unknown destinies of emigrants buried on restored sites of the Russian burial place of "Assistens" cemetery.
  • The project "The Charitable help to children of Russia and Ukraine in memory of Empress Maria Feodorovna mercy". Gathering and transportation of cloths, financial support.
  • Carrying out of educational work on traditions of the Imperial All-Russia House, Romanov's dynasty, education and day to day life of children in the Imperial family in Orthodox traditions.
  • Work on formation of archive and library of "dagmaria" society, gathering of materials, documents, photos and exhibits for the future Danish-Russian museum.
  • Development of historical routes on the memorable places related to Empress Maria Feodorovna.
  • Translation of Olga Chernova book "The faithful" into English language.
  • Technical improvement of the Society's web-site.
  • Development of new, shared version of the Imperial calendar.