Maria Feodorovna Romanova
Welcome to the site of ”Dagmaria” Cultural-Historical Society named after
Her Imperial Majesty Tsarina of All Russia Maria Feodorovna
We are happy to greet you in the site of the Cultural-Historical Society “Dagmarialocated in the Kingdom of Denmark, Copenhagen.

A chain of interesting and naturally determined events of the last 5 years lead to the founding of the Society.

In the years of 2002-2003 international society got excited by the news of transferring from Denmark to Russia of the coffin with the remains of the Russian Empress Maria Feodorovna Romanova (1847 – 1928), born Danish princess Dagmar, the Spouse of Emperor Alexander III – the Peacemaker, the Mother of the Last Tsar Nikolaj II; who lived as an immigrant though in Her Motherland in Denmark and passed away here in 1928… At first the transferring was planned in 2004, but later postponed and timed on the 140th anniversary of the departure of Maria Feodorovna from Denmark to Russia. “Goodwill comes from God, but a man fulfills it”…, that is how we saw a good chance for us who live in Denmark, the Motherland of the Empress, to participate in the great event, get to the people and the places that keep the memories about those times.

We came across some interesting things, not well-known to our fellow-countrymen and other people who honor the memory of the Empress and Her family, or have interest in the history of Russia and Denmark. In our site we would like to tell our readers about the former palaces of Her family, the archives and museums with the old photos, books and letters, Her relatives, Russian Orthodox Church of St. Alexander Nevsky (built in Copenhagen in 1883 under the initiative of Emperor Alexander III, Her Spouse),  the Wonderworking “Weeping” Jerusalem Icon of Copenhagen given to the Empress in the last year of Her life, Royal Cathedral in Roskilde, where the Empress has been resting since 1928, the two Orthodox Russian sections in the central cemetery of Copenhagen "Assistens" with the graves of the faithful sons and daughters of the Imperial Russia - many of them were devoted to their Mother-Empress to the last minute and were called the Minor Imperial Court….

We illustrate our materials with a number of unique pictures.

We will be happy to receive new or additional information and comments, or possibly have joint projects with our readers.

Yours sincerely,

"Dagmaria" Society

Saint Mother-of-God,
pray save us!
Our Lady of Jerusalem
Dalslandsgade 12, 6 th, Copenhagen, Denmark
About Brunswick family

In august 2008 an old grave was found in Kholmogory city (Russia) by a group of researchers led by Anatoly Karanin. Originally they searched for the rests of the Russian generalissimo Anthony Ulrich Brunswick. Nevertheless, number of facts lets them to think that the discovered remains belong to the Russian Tsar Ivan VI.

Article about Anthony Ulrich Brunswick and his son Ivan VI spreads light on the story, which happened more than 200 years ago.

Recommended books

Here you will find a list of books somehow related to Maria Feodorovna life.

We will be thankful if you would inform us about books, which for some reason are not yet in our list.

Our society celebrates five years!

In commemoration of this date we presented a gift from our society to Margrethe II - the Queen of the Kingdom of Denmark. It was an icon of the Holy Royal Martyrs.

Our society is getting a new site!

The new site is already operational, but needs sharpening up. Some materials are not available in the new version yet. We kindly ask you to be patient.